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The Boz   6.50    3RD WARD

Vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda, on the rocks with a sugared rim.

Butler Miller   7.50    9TH WARD

Vodka, Chambord raspberry liqueur, fresh lime juice and a little syrup, on the rocks.

Cherokee St. Margarita   7.50         20TH WARD

Our take on the classic with tequila, Agavero (anejo tequila liqueur flavored with Damiana flowers), lime juice, sugar/salt rim, on the rocks.

Jersey Ginger   6.50    23RD WARD

Strongbow cider spiked with a bit of Big O ginger liqueur and peach bitters, on the rocks.

The Mr. Smith   7    28TH WARD

Gin, ginger beer, lime juice and house-made mint syrup, on the rocks.

Pomegranate Punch   7    4TH WARD

Pomegranate vodka, triple sec, club soda, simple syrup, with splashes of lemon and cranberry juice, on the rocks.

The River des Peres  7    12TH WARD

Our extra dirty vodka Martini with kalamata and green olive brine, served up.

The Royale   7    8TH WARD

Our house Martini – 4:1 with Tanqueray gin, dry vermouth and a splash of olive brine.

The Subcontinental   8    1ST WARD

Bombay Sapphire gin, fresh house-made cucumber juice, Cointreau and a splash of lime, on the rocks. Our most popular drink.


Baden Gimlet   7.50    2ND WARD

Gin, lime juice, and simple syrup, up.

Bevo Old-Fashioned   7    14TH WARD

Traditional formula with a sugar cube muddled in aromatic bitters, bourbon, ice and lemon peel. There is no orange or cherry in this drink.

Carondelet Sazerac   8.50    11TH WARD

Our sister city’s venerable cocktail: sugar cube muddled in Peychaud’s bitters, aged rye whiskey, and a genuine absinthe rinse.

Champagne Cocktail   8    17TH WARD

Champagne atop a sugar cube doused in Angostura bitters…endless sweet and spicy bubbles.

Holly Hills Daiquiri   7    13TH WARD

Hemingway style, sugar-free. Cuban-style light rum and lime juice with a bit of grapefruit and Luxardo maraschino, up.

Lafayette Sidecar   8.50    6TH WARD

Martell VSOP cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice, up. This keystone cocktail is a delightful, tart and refreshing tipple that everyone should experience at least once.

Midtowner Manhattan   8    19TH WARD

Maker’s Mark bourbon, Dolin red vermouth, Angostura bitters – up or on the rocks.

New Deal Martini   6.50    18TH WARD

A wet Martini in pre-Prohibition style. Plymouth gin, Dolin dry vermouth, orange bitters and a lemon twist. Try one and taste why the Martini became popular in the first place.

Rye Manhattan   8    5TH WARD

Old east coast style, with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and orange bitters, up or on the rocks.

Southside   6    15TH WARD

As preferred by Chicago gangsters during Prohibition: gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, up.


Apple Buck   6    21ST WARD

Applejack brandy, a splash of lemon juice, and ginger beer, on the rocks.

Corpse Reviver no. 2    8    7TH WARD

Plymouth gin, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, and lemon juice with a whisper of absinthe, up.

The Daisy   6.50    22ND WARD

Choose your spirit: Brandy Daisy, Gin Daisy, Rum Daisy, Whiskey Daisy, or Vodka Daisy – mixed with lime and lemon juices, pomegranate syrup, and club soda, on the rocks.

Dark and Stormy   6.50    24TH WARD

Gosling’s Black Seal rum and spicy Bermuda ginger beer, on the rocks. Served in island style with the rum floating on top.

Kiss in the Dark   7.50    25TH WARD

Gin, Heering cherry liqueur, dry vermouth and a cherry, up.

Negroni   6.50    10TH WARD

Count Negroni felt the Americano didn’t have enough oomph, so he brought the noise by adding gin to the formula and created a true classic: equal parts Beefeater gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth with an orange twist, up.

Pegu Club   8    27TH WARD

Plymouth gin, Grand Marnier, lime juice, Angostura and orange bitters, up. As served at the British Officers’ club of the same name in present-day Myanmar.

Really Rye Old-Fashioned   8    16TH WARD

An old-school old-fashioned (rye, old-fashioned bitters, sugar cube, lemon peel) mixed with Bulleit 95 Rye whiskey. A natural for the ur-Cocktail treatment, booze-alicious!

Suffering Bastard   8    26TH WARD

It came from Cairo, circa WWII: cognac, gin, lime juice, ginger beer, Angostura, mint, on the rocks and tall.